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So life honestly is pretty great right now. Things are moving along at a steady pace and I seem to have found my groove in life. I awaken every morning ready to move through the day with no regret and no remorse. I really like the environment that I work in, I like pretty much everyone I work with and school seems to be a little to easy so far this semester.. couldnt be because I dropped from 18 credit hours to 12 would it? lol Yes, I think that has a huge part in me being relaxed and able to keep my head above water. I am learning so much everyday at work and just love the experience that I am getting being there. I love the fact that I have access to all sorts of educational material and software so that I can try things out for myself. I can honestly play and learn all at the same time. *total geekness* w00t!! heh!

Matters of the heart.. well.. not so much. I mean.. well. I dunna how to explain it. I am not in love, or crazy about anyone at this point, a very cleansing feeling really to know that this happiness is ALL MINE! :) I have been in such a goofy mood lately and am back to making people laugh all of the time. Its great to honestly see me comming back.

I have discovered that I am a very emotional person, I get tied up in my emotions quite often.. altho its been better since the meds have gotten leveled out and I remember to take them everyday. All in all things are happy for me.. such a change of life.. *see I am smiling*

Drake pulled through his surgery and recovery just fine (even though I think I made a bigger deal out of it than he did) but he is all healed and no more Mr. Humpy Doggie. Hehe!!

Well, I was able to piece a newer computer together for my mom and dad today so I am working on getting windows xp (BLAH) installed and some other software installed for them.

OOOhhhh and I got Adobe Creative Suite 2 today!!! YEAH!! I have sumthin to play with now!!
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Already I am dreading this semester. I have to much work to do to worry about something as dumb as "homework and reading assignments". The one class that I thought sounded half-way interesting this semester was Network Server (the Windows 2003 way) well.. seeming as I have been totally disenchanted with Windows anyway and am a total Linux whore now I really.. well could give a rats ass as to what he is trying to teach me. He pretty much said tonight in class that Linux sucks because its "open source". Well IS THAT NOT THE BEAUTY OF LINUX/UNIX??????? Statistics show that a unix or linux server operates at a higher success rate than Windows 2003 servers?? So what is up with that.. and he is PROUD he still has a Server running on a P2 with a whole 512 of RAM? I wouldn't be bragging about that.. UPDATE your shit!!

So... on the whole job front... the deadline to apply for the position was 8/19 w00t!! I am the only internal applicant.. double w00t!! The hiring committee for the position met TODAY!! *getting very excited here* All I can think about is Medical Benefits!!

Called Colorado Cherry Company today and ordered Donna some of her preserves that she fell in love with that I brought back with me. I ordered four jars for her.. hehe.. she will be so excited.. I havent told her yet and she is completely OUT!! heehe!!

Its early.. but Mr. Sandman has a good hold of me tonight.. so I think I am turning in!!
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I recently made my journal a friends only.. however.. well.. I dont feel as if I should have to hide behind anything.. nothing.. there is nothing that I have to say here that I should have to hide behind. These are my thoughts and I suppose you must read them as just that.. thoughts.. words... feelings... this is me.. and the only me I know.

I have this "crush" on a guy at work.. the past couple of days I have been giving him a ride to and from work. He knows how I feel and has responded.. in a way.. I dunna.. we shall see what happens from here on out. Hell, it may just be a little girly crush.. or it could lead into something more. I dunna.. one day at a time.

Life is good, yes, really it is. My headaches are gone.. the anxiety has been closeted due to the taking of meds .. thank goodness they got those squared away. Although, my doc thinks that it may be more than just anxiety.. with a bunch of the problems I have had currently and looking at past blood work and such.. the rise in my blood pressure.. the inablilty to loose weight... the hormone fluxuations (sp?) he thinks that it may be an insulin resistance problem ... which is to my understanding adult onset diabetes.. but.. I need to have more blood work done to prove or disprove this theroy.. so.. the waiting game is being played.

Need to read.. classes start in three weeks.. *ugh*


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