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So.. since August work has been promising me this position.. well.. come to find out I will not be getting the position afterall (unless I get really lucky before Wed). Its really okay with me. I think this is kinda what I needed to get my butt in gear and move on to something else. So I have been spending a lot of time with resumes and so forth trying to network as much as possible. Using everything I have to find me something, anything computer/office related I will take at this point I just want to move on. I dunna.. I will see what happens this week.

So, now for my little rant.. besides everything that is happening with me at work I am watching them as they screw over a really good friend of mine at work. She is so dedicated and hardworking, she is always there and is dependable.. it makes me so mad. She is just like I am now so mad at them and want to screw them over. Yet there are people that we work with that do nothing and are never there and they get everything handed to them on a plate. It makes no sense to me but I am not management so what can I say really.

Aww crap, I gotta get to sleep.. I really wanna go and see Cindy tomorrow morning!!
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So many things in life happen without a known cause, unknowing what will come of it, what will happen, how it will happen, how you will react to it. So few things are done with full intentions. I have been trying to be very aware of what is going on in my life and trying to act on it as clear headed as I could. I know that I allow things to get out of hand and it is one of my major faults. Patience would help this. Considering that I have no patience at all things tend to get blown out of proportion. I know this, yet I never change it. A personality flaw I suppose. There are things about me that I like, and things that I just wish I could change. I know that there are so many things in life that we cant change but I would think that perseverance would allow you to change. I want to have constant control over my life and what is going on. I have to learn to accept that I cannot always have that control when other people are involved in life. I need to allow myself to kinda roll with the punches. I find myself constantly hiding behind my emotions and not allowing people to honestly see the true me. If they get to close then I pull myself away by creating a situation that almost seems there to be no resolve.

Ohh.. I am just blabbing.. need to do homework…


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