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Okay... so here I am in the middle of Missouri and I have had no effect of the hurricanes... however it has come really close to hurting some people that are close to me. The amount of lives that have been lost are unreal and sometimes makes you wonder what is God thinking up there. Is this part of his plan... well of course it is.. but why do so many people have to suffer?? We have had flooding here in Missouri once about every three years.. but to have such a major loss of life and property.. it is just.. well... heart wrenching.

Tonight I experienced my first livestock auction. We bought four hens and 30 bales of hay. I know.. sounds so exciting.

This morning I had to go to the airport to pick up a friend of mine Holly who came in from Michigan to see me. We havent seen one another for 5 years. Seems almost uncanny that you can have friends out there so far away. I fear that I am boring her with my country living atmosphere. I think she was a little shocked when we put two of our goats into Donnas van to take them to the auction to sell tonight. I think she has everyone back home convienced that we are on some crazy drugs or something.. or maybe she is..??? heh

Ahh.. so I had big plans to take her to one of our state parks this weekend not realizing that it was a holiday weekend and that it would be completely packed and totally unenjoyable. So instead.. I take her to see heads of cattle tonight... lol.. okay.. I must get my beauty rest..


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