Oct. 27th, 2009 08:06 am
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Holy crap the weather here is freaking cold and blah. I love the rain don't get me wrong but I am beginning to feel like a wet dog. Its so dark in the morning ... its amazing how dark it is really.  I still am not used to the drive. Its getting better but its still a very long drive every morning. But I do get to take little country/backwoods highways most of the way which aren't to massively jammed with traffic I actually most mornings have been able to drive the speed limit.

So I was looking at houses/apartments for rent last night. There is a 2 bedroom villa in St. Clair that has a full basement, 2 bathrooms, a 1 car garage, vaulted ceilings and its only about 5 years old that they want $650 a month for. I can't believe how extremely cheap that is compared to $650 a month for a crappy one bedroom apartment in St. Louis. I am so torn on where I should live. If I stay out by my parents cost of living is a whole lot cheaper but I love living in St. Louis. I don't know where I am going to fall. Thank goodness a decision doesn't have to be made right at this moment or else I think I would be screwed.
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So it's Friday! The weather in St. Louis is awesome today. Cooler, humidity is low, there is a nice breeze. What more could you ask for right? Well I would LOVE to be able to be home with the windows open letting all this wonderfulness into the apartment. Work has been steady today but not quite as busy as it has been. Boss didn't stick around today I guess the weather was too nice for him to be in the office all day. I don't blame him.

Got the car washed on lunch today. I need to run errands tonight after work then going home and mostly going to try and go to bed early. I am tired.

I haven't been sleeping well at all since moving to the apartment. I take good naps on the couch though. Its the overnight sleeping that sucks. Days are getting easier in a way, but still hard. It's a huge change, a huge hole left in my life. In a sense its like I still don't believe that all of this really happened.

I guess in time all will fall into place - its just honestly believe this was all supposed to happen is whats hard for me.


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