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So had quite a busy day today, actually a busy weekend. Lots of things going on in preperation to this comming weekend. Funny, most of the time on Sundays I am no where close to planning the next weekend but now it is mandatory. I still have a lot to accomplish. I thought I was done with Christmas shopping but it seems I have left a few folks out. Paycheck comes tomorrow, although most of it is dedicated to bills I will have to squeeze a few gifts out of it as well.

My day started with snow gently drifting from the sky above (thankfully not a bit of it stuck), then the 1hr 20min drive to IL to meet up with Cindy and Zach to turn around and head back into St. Louis to go to the Rams game.. noon kickoff.. Sarah was up early, but running late as usual. It was a good game to watch, quite a bit of good ol' football action, plus I love watching all of the people in the stands. (That is what us people watchers do) I love to watch how people interact with one another, how they show excitement and their disappointment. Both of these things you see a lot of at sports functions. I was even raised out of my seat a time or two both for good and bad reasons.

After the game was done we took off to the St. Louis Galleria (a mall for those of you who dont know) and Cindy and Zach finished their christmas shopping. It was kind of amazing that the mall was not as packed as I would have thought. Oh well, good news for us. heh

Then we went to meet up with Cindys mom and dad at church to watch the Lighting of the Christmas tree. Made me feel better about missing church for the past three weeks. It was kind of nice I suppose in that churchy get in the spirit of christmas sort of way. I love listening to choirs especially good ones, and this one was pretty good. They had a bunch of the girls dressed as angels that danced to most of the songs, very well put together I must say.

By this time we were all starving so we headed to Applebees, the home of Sarahs favorite drink where I had a little to much to drink and am feeling a tad bit lightheaded.

I found myself today having obscure thoughts in my mind, random thoughts, ones that didnt belong together. I dunna, am going to have to try and figure out what they meant. I am tired.. and really need to get to sleep. I was going to play hooky from work tomorrow but forgot that we are having the departments Christmas lunch.. so I at least have to go long enough to be there for that.. I may go just for that.. I have a lot of shit to get done this week.. and so little time to get it done in... plus try to keep up with my social life...

I am thinking of you tonight, you know who you are, you are in my thoughts as I know I am in yours I can't wait for the time that we can spend together holding one another. These thoughts are what keep me warm at night.. thank you babe!!


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