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Already I am dreading this semester. I have to much work to do to worry about something as dumb as "homework and reading assignments". The one class that I thought sounded half-way interesting this semester was Network Server (the Windows 2003 way) well.. seeming as I have been totally disenchanted with Windows anyway and am a total Linux whore now I really.. well could give a rats ass as to what he is trying to teach me. He pretty much said tonight in class that Linux sucks because its "open source". Well IS THAT NOT THE BEAUTY OF LINUX/UNIX??????? Statistics show that a unix or linux server operates at a higher success rate than Windows 2003 servers?? So what is up with that.. and he is PROUD he still has a Server running on a P2 with a whole 512 of RAM? I wouldn't be bragging about that.. UPDATE your shit!!

So... on the whole job front... the deadline to apply for the position was 8/19 w00t!! I am the only internal applicant.. double w00t!! The hiring committee for the position met TODAY!! *getting very excited here* All I can think about is Medical Benefits!!

Called Colorado Cherry Company today and ordered Donna some of her preserves that she fell in love with that I brought back with me. I ordered four jars for her.. hehe.. she will be so excited.. I havent told her yet and she is completely OUT!! heehe!!

Its early.. but Mr. Sandman has a good hold of me tonight.. so I think I am turning in!!


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