Jul. 21st, 2009

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Sara Evans - No Place That Far

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Its a Tuesday - much better than a Monday!! I got a fair amount of sleep last night and was up early enough I was able to treat myself to Starbucks this morning. Gave me a nice little boost this morning. However, I can feel the effects slowly wearing off already - such a downer. Work is a little quiet this morning. Thankfully I have my iPod to keep me company.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
I am waiting for the thunderstorms to roll in.....

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A little something that I have written... its what was in my heart and in my head.. so it ended up here...

In a whirlwind I found you. At a time in my life so complex and uprooted, like a gleam of light you stepped in. I saw your face and was able to look deep in your eyes. Knowing deep down this was someone who would be very important to me. I backed away and became very unsure of everything in life. Slowly, we found our way to one another once again. This time emotions ran free. Wrapped around one another we became, “us”. Over the years we changed who we were and what we were to one another. Love was shared with intimate moments and sweet passion. A gentle love whispered into each others ears. A song we sang together unwinding our raveled path. Hand in hand we walked into our future unknowing and full of hope. Looking at one another for hope and security. You can feel the love that has grown between us. Between us walked our two little girls who looked at us for love and security, hoping for us to lead them to their own paths. We saw darkness and light. Seemingly doomed at times and happily in love as well. Together we could take on the world I thought. Nothing to come between us for this awesome love will always bind us together. At my weakest you are my strength and hopefully vise versa. Love is completely different with you. Feels so different, so renewing, with you I see my future. I see us together held together by love and understanding. A bond forever growing and changing not knowing soon this would all change. Our bond now broken – paths split apart. Alone I walk down a cold and fearful path. I see glimpses of you and the girls continuing down your path and I reach out unable to reach you. Every now and then our paths do cross but for moments in time nothing like before. I still feel the same girlish flutter when you touch me. Feeling so secure and safe your arms wrapped around me. I yearn to be in your arms once again. Your wife and the mother of your children, a dream once fulfilled now tumbling down slowly around me fills me with a sense of loneliness and despair. A moment, a breath, and a cry all happen in one quick moment. In that moment life changed for us. That one instant will forever impact my life. Before there was hope this time however, I feel that its more permanent. No more second chances, no more giving it another try. Instead, we tried and this is where we are now. A story unlike I ever imagined. Chapters missing and quick ended. One book closed and another now opened. I place our book on the shelf and realize how small it is. Wishing that I could be hand in hand with you, my love and my future wife, walking down our path with our two little girls right along with us.. this is how I wish this story would have continued…


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